We follow the latest fashion trends via WGSN and also the latest Catwalks and are constantly updated by the vast network of Brands suppliers and sub suppliers who are constantly working on their latest collection for the New Season. Be it in the finished product or the latest fabric or accessories.

Product Development

We help with creating the correct product for you, be it from offering you a range and collection according to your customers taste or to design it from scratch according to your specification. We are here to help you create the perfect product for consumer. We also offer you a cost effective and production feasible alternative by the end of the product development phase to meet you requirements.

Monitoring & Updates

We follow a system of a Time & Action plan which we set in the beginning and as you all know this is never exactly the same at the end as this is a manual intensive work and there are a lot of factors beyond our control sometimes. so we monitor and update the time & action plan to keep you updated on the status of your consignments and will also give you a heads up on the critical point where beyond which if that action is delayed we might face delays in delivery. To help you manage your inventory flow better.

Quality Control

As we all know this is a very crucial matter to every product being sourced outside, we are here to assure you to meet the quality standard and we have a dedicated team of professionals who are in the factories of production regularly and help in tailoring the right product during the production process to ensure a right product is made. We have our quality inspection protocols that are followed and enforced during the entire production cycle of the product.


We also offer logistic solutions for end to end delivery options via Sea or Air or Multi Modal transport options according to your requirement. In other cases our Buyer some times also have their own nominated agents and we work with them as well.


We provide you with an all in all solution for your sourcing needs from Designing the product to have that product in your stores.

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